OaklandNorth: The late Neldam’s bakery is reborn, with workers in charge and treats as diverse as Telegraph Ave.

The veteran employees and new managers say they hope their perspective on the changing needs of their customers will help Taste of Denmark avoid the same fate as Neldam’s. “Before, it was a very Danish style bakery but now we realize that we need to cater to the Asian- American community, the black community and Hispanics,” said Yoo, referencing the area’s increasingly ethnically and culturally diverse population.


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CBS 5 Video: Bakery Makes a Comeback

Great coverage by CBS 5 covering our soft opening on Thursday, September 9, 2010!

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ABC 7: Employees revive landmark Danish bakery with co-op

A dozen former workers, from the baker to the bookkeeper have formed a co-op and are running what is now called Taste of Denmark.

Signs in the window were enough to draw a huge opening day crowd. The doors opened at 7 a.m. and two hours later, some of the items had run out.

Many of the returning customers are loyal fans of Neldam’s. One woman told ABC7 she bought her wedding cake there back in 1937.

One man says he’s been coming for the chocolate chip cookies since he was 5 years old.


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Examiner: Oakland Small Business Adapting in a Tough Economy

After over 80 years in operation, Neldam’s Danish Bakery on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland permanently shut its doors this past July. Thursday, September 9, 2010 is the day the old bakery will start a new life as Taste of Denmark bakery.

The building owners of the Neldam’s property approached three former employees to ask if they would be interested in starting a Worker-Owned Cooperative. The space was vacant and the physical location of Neldam’s has a long history in Oakland’s cultural landscape. The employees said “yes” and Taste of Denmark bakery was born.


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Our New Facebook Page!

We just launched our Facebook page!

If you like what we do and enjoy our baked goodies, please “Like Us” on Facebook to spread the word! Thanks!

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Soft Opening Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tomorrow will be Taste of Denmark’s soft opening from 7AM to 6:30PM!

Please join us to check out our newest creations!

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Former Neldam’s employees launch new bakery in old site on Telegraph Avenue

The bakery is new, but many of the faces at Taste of Denmark likely will be familiar to customers. That is because the business was founded by a collective of former Neldam’s Danish Bakery employees who banded together to keep the baking tradition alive at 3401 Telegraph Ave.

Opening day is Sept. 9. A grand opening will follow, said Cathy Caulkett, who began working for Neldam’s at the age of 16 when the original founders ran the bakery. She also watched the Oakland icon close July 15, after 81 years on the same block.


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